Liquidation of other types of enterprises

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  • Preparation of the complete package of documents;
  • Notarial support;
  • Payment of state duties, fees etc.;
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    Liquidation of business – one of the popular areas of activity of the company "RegService in Kyiv"; in the field of corporate law. Complete closure of the firm – the most reliable, hot and long, difficult way to get rid of a problematic enterprise.

    The need to stop activities can be caused by various reasons:

    • lack of profit, casualties;
    • the desire of the owner to change the business direction;
    • achieving the goals for which the company was created;
    • economic crisis;
    • uncompetitiveness.

    The procedure for the liquidation of an enterprise involves the preparation of a package of documents, inspections by regulatory authorities, deregistration from the tax inspectorate, violation of payables and receivables, dismissal of personnel.

    The slightest mistake at any of the stages can delay the process for many months or lead to a dead end. Therefore, even at the initial stage, you should seek help from specialized lawyers who will competently and professionally help organize all the necessary measures, reward you with unauthorized fines and payments with the help of third parties, and provide legal support at all stages of the process.

    Main stages of enterprise liquidation

    The procedure for closing organizations in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine is regulated by the Civil, Economic and Tax Code,

    The Law on State Registration of Legal Entities, LLCs, Public Organizations and provides for the following steps:

    1. Conducting meetings of the founders, making decisions on the liquidation of the company.
    2. Appointment of the liquidation commission, preparation of documents.
    3. Publication in the DMI about the termination of activities for the purpose of notifying creditors about the deadlines set aside for debt collection.
    4. Repayment of debts to creditors, fiscal service, funds.
    5. Evaluation of property of a commercial organization.
    6. Compilation of liquidation balance sheet.
    7. Notification of the state registrar, tax officials, Pension Fund, Social Insurance Fund about the liquidation procedure, submission of a package of documents.
    8. Passage of tax audits (cities: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipropetrovsk).
    9. Dismissal of personnel, closure of divisions.
    10. Closing bank accounts.
    11. Transfer of company documents to the archive, destruction of printing.
    12. State registration of the liquidation of the enterprise with a corresponding mark in the EGR.

    Upon completion of the procedure, the business owner is issued a certificate of official termination of the company's activities. In addition to the general closure of the company, liquidation due to bankruptcy or change of owner is possible.

    Documents required for closing the enterprise (liquidation of business)

    For submission to the registrar, fiscal service, funds will need:

    • extract from the EGR or certificate of registration of a legal entity;
    • completed registration form;
    • constitutional documents (originals);
    • protocol of the meeting of managers on liquidation of the company (original or copy certified by a notary);
    • application to the tax inspectorate, Pension Fund, Social Insurance Fund (certificates must be obtained from these bodies);
    • confirmation of notification of creditors;
    • accounting documents.

    The state registrar also receives a certificate from the archive about the transfer of documents for storage. The procedure takes from 5 months. If you want to cope with the tasks as quickly as possible, with minimal expenditure of effort and time, contact the "Turnkey Enterprise Liquidation RegService in Kyiv" UK. The company's office is located in the capital, we work remotely with clients from Kharkiv, Odesa, and other cities of Ukraine.

    Closing turnkey enterprises with RegService

    The price for the turnkey enterprise liquidation service is fixed. By trusting professionals, you will not only save time, but also be sure of the legal purity of the events. To order a consultation, leave an online application on the website.

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