Liquidation of a company (LLC, PE) through sale to a non-resident

The service includes:

  • Professional consultation of a specialist;
  • Preparation of the complete package of documents;
  • Notarial support;
  • Payment of state duties, fees etc.;
  • Conducting direct works related to the provision of services.

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    Liquidation of a company (LLC, PE) through sale to a non-resident

    The cost of liquidating an enterprise includes:

    • consultations on all issues of liquidation of an enterprise;
    • preparation of all documents required for the liquidation of the enterprise;
    • Notary Services;
    • ALL duties, fees, payments;
    • our fee.

    The legislation makes the liquidation procedure of an enterprise rather complicated. The alternative to liquidation of the enterprise, considering all the difficulties, is its sale.

    Liquidation through sale to a non-resident is the re-registration of an enterprise by registration (purchase and sale) of corporate rights to a foreign citizen of another state (non-resident). As a result of the sale of corporate rights of an enterprise, a foreign citizen becomes the founder and director of this company.
    Sooner or later, the tax office will find a new nominee director, if he is a citizen of Ukraine. And then, while communicating with the tax police, this nominal director will most likely testify that he was forced to become the founder and director of the enterprise by deception or violence, he does not know anything about the financial problems and commercial activities of the enterprise and is not going to engage in business. After talking with such nominal founders and directors, tax police officers will present claims on the issues of re-registration and commercial activities of the enterprise to the founders and directors of the previous ones - with all the unfavorable financial consequences for the latter and the prospects for initiating a criminal case.
    The tax authorities simply will not be able to hold such a conversation with a non-resident.

    How to liquidate an enterprise by selling to a non-resident?

    De jure, liquidation by sale is the replacement of owners and managers with others. Its main result is the interruption of legal communication between the enterprise, on the one hand, and its owners, as well as officials, on the other.
    The procedure for liquidating an enterprise by selling to a non-resident consists of the following stages:

    • preparation of all necessary documents based on the data provided by the client;
    • search for a non-resident to whom the enterprise will be re-registered;
    • implementation of actions to organize a sale and purchase transaction;
    • closing a bank account;
    • transfer of documents and seals to the new owner / manager;
    • making a record by the state registrar in the EDRPOU about the change of managers and owners of the enterprise

    To carry out the liquidation of an enterprise, the following documents are required:

    • certificate of state registration;
    • passports (pages 1, 2 + page indicating registration) and certificate of assignment of the director's and accountant's identification numbers - copies;
    • certificate (extract) from statistics authorities - original;
    • company charter;
    • a seal

    After completing the procedure, you will receive:

    • contract of sale;
    • updated extract from EDRPOU.

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