Accounting services in Kiev, Kharkov

The service includes:

  • Professional consultation of a specialist;
  • Preparation of the complete package of documents;
  • Notarial support;
  • Payment of state duties, fees etc.;
  • Conducting direct works related to the provision of services.

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  • The service is available all over Ukraine (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odessa, Lvov, Kamianske, Chernigov, Vinnitsa, Zhitomir, Khmelnitsky). Offer different methods of payment

    If you have decided to open your own enterprise, then, probably, already during the birth of the idea, you roughly imagined the sphere of future activity and were interested in the possible organizational and legal forms in which it can be registered legally Of course, regardless of the form and field of activity, any business needs to attract a certain  em;">capital, and its success directly depends on its effective use in the process of economic operations.

    At all stages of enterprise management, the accountant is most actively involved. In the planning process, it is needed for drawing up and agreeing budgets, developing cost standards, and analyzing the possible consequences of future actions.
    But not always in the early stages of a business's formation is the financial ability to invite it to the staff – profit for the first months of activity can cover only part of the costs.

    At the same time, as required by law, under any conditions, you must submit reports to the control bodies (Mindhodov, statistics department, PF, etc.), even with “zero” indicators - from the moment of registration   economic activity regarding the taxation of all legal entities and sole proprietorships is under the close control of the state (Article 71 of the GKU dated 16.01.2003 No. 436-IV). It is worth remembering that non-submission or untimely submission of reports involves serious fines (clause 119.2 of the Code of Criminal Procedure).

    Therefore, a professional accountant, in addition to mastering the theoretical issues of  accounting and the basics of financial analysis, must always be at the forefront of legal support for business, and the legislative framework in the field of finance and taxes, given the current state of Ukraine's economy, is updated almost every month.< /p>

    Accounting — is the process of identifying, measuring, registering, accumulating, summarizing, storing and transmitting complete, true and unbiased information about the economic activity of the enterprise to external and internal users for decision-making (ZU  “On accounting and financial reporting in Ukraine” dated 16.07.1999 No. 996-ХИУ).

       It is this law, which is constantly being improved, that constitutes the legal basis for the actions of every accountant. Significant innovations in the work of accountants were caused by the adoption of the new Tax Code dated 12.02.2010 No. 2755-VI. With its entry into force, tax accounting has become as close as possible to accounting - tax declaration data is mainly calculated on the basis of accounting and financial reporting indicators. Therefore, it is almost impossible to overestimate well-arranged accounting and the competent work of an accountant in the enterprise.

    Innovations (from 01.07.2014) are also expected under the Law "On preventing a financial disaster and creating prerequisites for economic growth in Ukraine" dated March 27, 2014 No. 4576 regarding the establishment of a progressive scale of personal income tax, with the introduction of an obligation for the taxpayer to recalculate the accrued (withheld) tax based on the results of the year. The changes also affected the Law "On the collection and accounting of a single contribution to mandatory state social insurance". - in the part of the proportion of the distribution of the EUS, the total amount of which has not changed (since 01.05.2014).

    How to ensure the stable work of accounting without flinching before every inspection by the Ministry of Revenue and at the same time without worrying about staff maintenance, which mostly does not justify itself objectively for small and medium-sized businesses?  

    Nowadays, the services of individual consulting companies, which, together with legal support, offer full accounting services to entrepreneurs are gaining more and more popularity. Being a rather painstaking and specific activity, it does not, however, require the presence of a specialist in your company's office.

    In addition, recently, more and more companies have the opportunity to see for themselves the advantages of accounting on a remote server, paying together both for the work of a specialist at a distance and for the rental of software, and the absence of papers and electronic information about business activities in the office will provide you with peace of mind during unexpected checks.    

    By concluding a contract with our company for subscription accounting services, you  will receive:

    • first, according to individual requirements - you yourself choose the package you need;

    • secondly, a guarantee of high professionalism and quality;

    • thirdly, constant counseling, including online and by phone, during the entire period of the subscriber's subscription legalization in case of controversial issues in the legislation, because our accountants actively cooperate with lawyers.

    What areas of work should be outsourced to our specialists:

    • optimal choice of enterprise taxation system;

    • opening and conducting operations on bank current accounts;

    • keeping mutual settlements with employees and counterparties of the enterprise;

    • work with primary documentation and maintaining an accounting program in “1C” in remote access mode;

    • formation and submission to all structures of accounting and tax reporting;

    • compilation of accounting and tax registers;

    • inventory of material values, fixed assets and liabilities;

    • adjustment of accounting based on changes in legislation;

    • formation of a package of documents for the tax office during inspections;

    • optimization of taxation and transition to another system if necessary;

    • restoration, if necessary, of accounting.

    Also, the specialists of our company are able to provide you with high-quality development of budgets and business plans, consulting on investment issues and assistance in choosing the optimal loan, obtaining all the necessary documents in the process of conducting business from the State Tax Administration and statistics authorities, etc.

    Take care of the proper provision of accounting processes at your company constantly, from the day of its registration, and not in the event of the threat of   imposition of fines. And for this, turn to professionals in time, whose experience will help not only save money on maintaining a full-time accountant, but also guarantee full transparency, anonymity, efficiency, remote work and online communication.  


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