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    We are professionals in their field. We accompany the legal processes of business from its registration, preparation of the contractual basis, and ending with legal proceedings

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    Our team really understands the business of customers. We help solve clients' problems in legal ways, and not just provide legal services

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    Each department of our company has a narrow specialization, that's why we render services as quickly as possible and at the highest level


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In-depth analyze the client's task

In-depth analyze the client's task

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Developing the optimal solution

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We effectively implement the decision

We celebrate together with you another successful project!

We celebrate together with you another successful project!

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                           Company "Registration Service" glad to welcome you on our site!

We provide comprehensive legal services to small, medium and large business in Ukraine. If the customer needs in legal services in other countries we are ready to connect our partners, both in the regions of Ukraine, and with Estoni, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, which enables us to provide comprehensive legal services to businesses throughout the territory of Ukraine and abroad. 
Our responsibility is to provide high quality legal services in the following practice areas: contract law, corporate law, tax law, registration of non-profit organizations (charities, foundations, trade unions, religious organizations), liquidation (including 1 day), complex services legalization of foreigners, and a number of additional services: bank account statement and extract from USREOU, various certificates and other documents. 
The team of "Registration service" consists of lawyers who have experience of more than seven years and speak English, accountants and arbitration manager with considerable experience of crisis management of enterprises. 
We believe that only an individual approach to the customer is likely to be in legal practice. Immediately after contacting us Partner shall appoint a lawyer who will lead your business to meet the needs of your business, so most of our clients come to us for advice and accounting services are on us. 
Our lawyers always follow the latest changes in legislation and continuously improve their professional skills. 
We provide free initial consultation to our clients, and if you have any difficulties in the case of the cost of our services is determined by the contract level. 

Values of "Registration service" is punctuality and professionalism. We will promptly respond to the request of our clients and are available in touch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 
The office of our law firm is located in the city center near the metro station Klovska Street. Mechnikov, 8, allowing customers to quickly get to us. You can also get advice online contact us via email or social networks.


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