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    Permissive legislation in Ukraine is currently undergoing rapid renewal for unification with the legislation of the European Union. Many norms appear to be outdated and gradually lose their validity, which cannot but cause a positive reaction among business representatives.

    According to Art. 1 ZU On the permit system in the field of economic activity” from 09/06/2005, licensing system in the field of economic activity – this is a set of legally regulated relations between licensing authorities, state administrators and business entities in connection with the issuance, re-registration, issuance of duplicates, cancellation of licensing documents.

    Permissive document – this is a permit, conclusion, consent, certificate, etc., which gives the business entity the right to carry out certain actions regarding the implementation of economic activity, and the object for which such a document is issued is a land plot, structure, building, premises, equipment, equipment and mechanisms put into operation or designed, a separate operation, economic activity of a certain type, work and service.

    According to Art. 31 of the Civil Code, any establishment of prohibitions or restrictions regarding individual business entities or groups of entrepreneurs is discrimination and is not allowed.

    Art. 4 of the Law determines that relations related to obtaining documents of a permissive nature are regulated exclusively by laws, that is, no other document can affect:

    • need to obtain a permit document;

    • licensing body authorized to issue the document;

    • paid or free issuance;

    • term of making a decision on extradition or refusal of extradition;

    • exhaustive list of grounds for refusal of issuance and cancellation;

    • possibility of acquisition by the business entity of the right to carry out certain actions regarding the implementation of economic activity according to the declarative principle.

    In order to eliminate various permitting obstacles in the implementation of the constitutional right of economic entities to conduct economic activity, which is a fertile base for corrupt practices, European principles of issuing authorization documents justified in economically developed countries have been introduced.

    • organizational unity;

    • declaration;

    • ”tacit consent” of the state for the start of economic activity by an entrepreneur;

    • issuance of documents through the administrator of the permit center.

    Order of the State Committee on Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship dated 06/05/2005 No. 116 approved the Standard Regulation on the administrator, which, according to the changes, included 11 of the Law on the Administrative Code of Administrative Offenses, bears administrative responsibility for violation of the procedure for issuing permit documents. On the basis of Art. 6 of the Law, the administrator maintains a register of documents of a permissive nature, information from which is open.

    December 7, 2014 is expected to enter into force  issuance of documents of a permissive nature issued by the central bodies of the executive power".

    A significant reduction in the list of types of activities that require the issuance of permits, the elimination of legal conflicts and gaps in the state legislation that always create the basis for the flourishing of corruption, the reduction of the time and money spent by entrepreneurs on the completion of permit procedures will actively contribute to the overall improvement of the conditions for starting and conducting business in Ukraine.



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