Change of the head of a public organization

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  • Notarial support;
  • Payment of state duties, fees etc.;
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Registration of change of the head of a public organization
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    Change of the head of a public organization

    The founders of a public organization may find themselves in a situation where it is necessary to change the head of a public organization. An important point is compliance with all the requirements of the Labor Code, because the manager is the same employee as everyone else, therefore, on the day of his dismissal, he should be given a completed work book, make a calculation, etc.

    After the decision on the removal of the manager from office is made at the meeting of participants, he must approve the order of dismissal, which indicates the details of the minutes of the meeting or the director's statement of dismissal, as well as the clause of the contract or links to the required article of the Labor Code.

    Documents required to change the head of a non-profit organization:

    • registration certificate;
    • help from the statistics department;
    • charter;
    • certificate of registration
    • personal data of the former and new leaders;
    • powers of attorney.

    The legislation does not provide for the possibility of changing the founder of a public organization, because after registration, all founders become members of this organization. The director's personal data is entered into almost all documents of title of a legal entity, so you will have to go through the registration procedure with new data. Also, the data on the head of the state registrar enters the registration of the enterprise in the USREOU, and they are available to the public. That is, in order for the change of director to be registered, you need to make the necessary changes to the information about the legal entity in the EDRPOU. Although the registrar is obliged to promptly notify the tax authority and all funds about any changes in the legal entity, the result of these actions should be monitored. Therefore, contact the specialists of our company, who have a huge experience of registration actions and are familiar with the nuances of the documents of public organizations as legal entities.

    If you plan to invite a foreigner to the position of a manager, remember that during the registration of a company, only a foreigner with the right of permanent residence or a work permit in Ukraine can be the head of a legal entity. For further employment, every citizen of another state must first obtain a work permit.


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