Changes to legal entity

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    Changes to legal entity

    Any changes in regard to a legal entity shall be stored and regularly renewed in the Single State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs. Information regarding these changes shall be sent to the local department of the State Registration Service.
    The law of Ukraine On State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs defines the information that shall be contained in the the Single State Register:

    • Full name of the legal entity and its short form (if any); 

    • Ldentification number of the legal entity; 

    • Legal form of the legal entity); 

    • Location; 

    • Information on the management bodies of the legal entiy, the list of founders (participants) of the legal entity, information regarding limit of powers of the legal entity;

    • Scope of activities (NACE); 

    • Information regarding the amount of the legal entity (including the regarding the information of each participant’s share;

    • Date and number of the entry regarding the state registration, date and number of the amending entry (if any);

    • Information regarding the by-laws (charter) date and number of the amending entry (if any); 

    • Evidence that the legal entity operates according to the model charter (if it does);

    • Date and number of the entry regarding the loss of founding documents (if it took place);

    • Information regarding the branches and representative offices of the legal entity;

    • Information on undergoing bankruptcy of the legal entity with the information on the trusty of insolvency;

    • Information on undergoing termination of the legal entity; 

    • Iinformation on legal entities - successors; 

    • Place of the state registaion and other registration activities according to the law;

    • Location of the registration file; 

    • Information on every issue of extract, statement, certificates from the Single State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs; 

    • Full name of the official who made a record or an amendment regarding to  the Single State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs regarding state registration of the termination of a legal entity

    • Data obtained through mutual exchange of information from the registers of the statistics, tax and pension authorities, 

    • Information from the statistics authorities regarding the economic activity of the legal entity. 

    • Other additional information on the legal entity; 

    • Financial statements;

    • Information regarding the opening and closing of bank accounts; 

    • Information on the seizures of the bank account and property of the legal entites) ; 

    • Information about opening of enforcement proceedings regaring legal entities, etc.

    Thus, even a short list indicates that every change of information regarding any legal entity should be renewed in time and each  legal entity should send information on changes to the State Registration Service in time.

    The officials of the State Registration Service shall not require any additional documents if they are not envisaged by the law.


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