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  • Preparation of the complete package of documents;
  • Notarial support;
  • Payment of state duties, fees etc.;
  • Conducting direct works related to the provision of services.

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    Law firm Registration Service provides legal assistance in registration of business (legal) entities including:

    • registration of enterprises;

    • registration of legal (business) entities;

    • registration with the authorities;

    • registration  of companies operating under  different legal frameworks. 

    Firstly, you should choose form of legal a legal entity after having adjusted the scope of activities  with  your real abilities, clarified the necessity of official permissions, read the restrictions envisaged in the field of business activities (Article 4  Law of Ukraine on “On Entrepreneurship”)

    According to the article  90 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, each legal entity shall have its name with the obligatory indication of the information on its legal form. This information shall be indicated in by-laws or statutory documents of the legal entity and included in the State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs.

    We deem that your purpose is the engagement in business activities and recommend considering following legal forms:

    • JSC;

    • LLC;

    • Private Enterprise;

    • Individual Entrepreneur.

    Limited Liability Company (LLC) has the legal status of economic (Article 50 of Law of Ukraine "On Business (Economic) Partnerships") and entrepreneurial partnership (paragraph 1 Article 84 of the Civil Code of Ukraine).

    You should pay close attention to the legal address of your enterprise which should not  (preferably) be listed in addresses of mass registration of taxpayers. 

    Unfortunately, the practice of so-called "Mass registrations" which means registration of hundreds taxpayers at the same location creates difficulties in obtaining VAT payer status i.e. the tax authorities often refuse in registration of VAT payer if a company is registered there.

    Law firm Registration Service provides clear addresses which are not included into “lists of mass registration.  

    Limited liability company

    Here we can indicate some pros of the LLC's legal framework

    • precise regulation of registration and liquidation (in contrast to Individual Entrepreneur which is liable with all his property); 

    • no legal requirements regarding  the amount of the charter capital (until June 2011 it amounted one minimum wage), flexible conditions of  formation - you may pay it even during the first year of operation, including by property rights (article 50 "On Business Associations");

    • the participants do not bear responsibility for LLC’s debts, they may lose only their shares (Articles 50 of the Law of Ukraine “On Business Associations”,  96 of the Civil Code of Ukraine);

    • no requirements to the quantity and status of founders and participants (both physical persons and legal entities, both residents and non-residents, the minimum number of participants shall be one, but only in one LLC, the maximum shall number not exceed 100.

    • You should not hire an accountant for your business (we can offer accounting services to businesses on very beneficial conditions).

    • LLC may operate on the basis of a Model Statute (charter or by-laws), it  automatically reduces the amount of papers and saves money on notary services regarding assurance of documents;

    • You will not be obliged to operate with securities (as opposed to the JSC);

    • Highly democratic system of management i.e.  the powers of the executive body (director) may be strictly restricted according to  by-laws (charter) by the general participants meeting which has the right to dismiss the director from the post without any restriction.

    Private Enterprise (PE)

    It has a very controversial  legal framework from the a theoretical point of view and its formation can create some difficulties in understanding.

    • The Civil Code of Ukraine does not envisage this legal form, but the Commercial Code of Ukraine does, so frankly speaking,  the PE has  almost all features of the LLC. 

    • It may be founded by any number of physical persons or a legal entity.

    • The amount of charter capital for a PE is not regulated and may be one UAH.

    • Unfortunately, there is no legal framework for a Private Enterprise, so each move and each action should be clearly envisaged according to by-laws (charter). E.g. if a founder decides to involve partners in his business, she or he may face challenges if these provision are not set. In practice, this procedure is similar to the same regarding LLC.

    In the light of the above, private enterprise practically equals to LLC.

    Individual Entrepreneur or Physical Person-Entrepreneur 

    is  recognized as a business entity on condition of the State Registration as an Entrepreneur without obtaining status of a legal entity.  We recommend to choose different forms of business entities due difficulties with liquidation of  IE.

    Individual Entrepreneur does not have the right to carry activities  in following fields:

    • television and radio broadcasting  (Law of Ukraine "On Television and Radio";

    • any activity with scrap (Article 4 of the Law of Ukraine "On scrap");

    • any space activity; 

    • financial services (Law of Ukraine on “On Financial Services and State Regulation of Financial Markets”

    • concession activities on construction and maintenance of roads;

    • any acivity in the field of secondary and higher education.

    There is a requirement for the Individual Entrepreneur regarding its name – only his/her surname, name and patronymic name (if any) shall be used. One more restriction is that Individual Entrepreneur shall use only his place of residence as the registered address, but may operate, of course, at any place.

    So is it  unique "pro" for choosing the Individual Entrepreneur form as a model of your business (as opposed to an LLC or Private Enterprise) is simplified tax regime?

    The Individual Entrepreneur is responsible for his/her obligation with all his/her property which may be collected.  

    Even if the person has started a business without state registration and has signed any agreements, so this person does not have the right to challenge them on the grounds of non-registration with the authorities. A very negative moment for the Individual Entrepreneur that he or she cannot simply sell business. Each object of property (esp. real estate, vehicles, etc.) shall be sold separately. If there are any licenses or permission, so they cannot be also sold separately.

    Tax framework  should be chosen according to your needs and activities. We will provide full tax legal advice immediately after competing State Registration and help you in VAT payer registration.

    Registration is the  first step, but a very important. It determines the speed of business development. To avoid any errors do not hesitate to contact lawyers who are facing all the legal niceties of business registration. 


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