Registration of a charitable organization

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Registration of a charitable organization. Open a charitable foundation in Ukraine
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    Registration of a charitable foundation in Ukraine

    There are a lot of people in our country who see their mission in attracting resources to solve many important problems in society. In other words, they are faced with the task of opening an institution to which everyone can turn for help. It is for such purposes that the state provides for the possibility of registering a charitable foundation. Although this procedure does not look very complicated from a legal point of view, there are certain nuances in the very process of opening a charitable foundation in Ukraine, which real specialists are well aware of.

    How to open a charity fund: what is needed for this?

    First of all, starting this process, you should decide on the type of future organization and clearly define for yourself what it will be: a society, an institution or a charitable foundation. As a rule, Ukrainian founders in most cases give preference to the latter type, which is due to the more significant possibilities of this format.

    Legally capable persons who have reached the age of majority have the right to establish a foundation. Moreover, they can be both citizens of our country and foreigners. In fact, it is permissible for any legal entity to obtain permission to become a founder. It comes into its own rights only after the charitable foundation is registered with the territorial executive authorities.

    What documents do you need to collect to open a charitable foundation in Ukraine?

    To go through the procedure for registering an organization that will engage in charity, you need to collect the following list of important papers:

    • protocol of intent to create a future fund;
    • the charter of the organization, which must be formed at the previous meeting of the founders;
    • identity documents and registration number of members of the organization;
    • constituent documentation;
    • extraction from the Unified State Register;
    • information about the type of ownership of the legal entity.

    The entire package of documents after submission is considered within 24 hours, after which a decision is made - is it permissible to open a charitable foundation in Ukraine or refuse. In case of a positive result of the case, a note is entered into the register of legal entities of the state with a subsequent extract. In addition, it is also necessary to obtain the status of a non-profit organization - for this you should contact the tax authorities.

    Charity registration: it's much easier with us

    As follows from the above, registering a foundation, society or institution is often quite troublesome and time-consuming. Therefore, RegService recommends its services in this direction. We guarantee legal support of specialists during the paperwork process for registering a charitable organization, as well as provide qualified advice on drafting the charter and other important papers. RegService ensures prompt and correct submission of documents, quick decision-making. As a result, creating a charitable organization will allow you to do what you love the very next day.


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