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The service includes:

  • Professional consultation of a specialist;
  • Preparation of the complete package of documents;
  • Notarial support;
  • Payment of state duties, fees etc.;
  • Conducting direct works related to the provision of services.

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    Corporate disputes

    The concept of corporate law is broadly interpreted in Ukrainian legislation and legal science namely due to inconsistent interaction between the requirements of economy and Ukrainian traditional understanding of nature of an enterprise.

    Contrary to such legal form as “private enterprise” (which is often confused with “self employed person” or “private entrepreneur”)  the LLC is the best legal framework for doing business in Ukraine and has up-to-date legislative grounds.

    There is no legal certainty regarding clear definition of “corporate law” and “corporate conflicts”. Do they deal with formation of governing bodies, distribution of property, interaction with partners and authorities?

    We’ll clear this question below.

    There is also no unity regarding court jurisdiction on corporate matter.

    What court (commercial, administrative or civil) shall hear the corporate case? If a physical person is party to the case, the crucial meaning will  have the nature of the case  (corporate - commercial court; labor - civil court). Some corporate cases regarding NGOs shall be heard only by administrative courts.

    Corporate relations emerge, change and cease regarding corporate rights (definition according to the Article 167 of the Commercial code of Ukraine). Looking deeper into these relations we see that paragraph 1 of this Article defines corporate rights as the rights of the person having his/her share in the charter capital (property) of a business  entity including right to participate in management, receive certain share of profit of this business entity and  assets in case of liquidation according to the law and by-laws.  

    Court practice shows that there are many collisions and ambiguities of interpretations which often lead to application of these legal lacunas by a non-bona-fide party and to adopting erroneous court decisions, indicates clear abuse of right such as corporate raids.

    Many corporate conflicts origin at the moment of establishment of legal entity and may include

    • distribution of shares in the charter capital

    •  restriction of powers of executive body.  

    These cases has nature that varies and  becomes clear only in a courtroom. Only high highly educated lawyer who practice in the field of corporate law has the best understanding of “underwater stones”  of corporate law.

    Law firm Registration Service offers

    • Consulting services concerning choosing the best legal framework for doing your business in Ukraine

    • Legal advice regarding  preparation of charters (by-laws), munities, regulations etc

    • Full legal support during making amendments to the charter (appointment of a director, change of company’s name or location, amount of charter capital)

    • Operations with corporate rights (withdraws of a participant, gift, inheritance. purchase, assignment of corporate with regard to article 65 of Family code of Ukraine which regulates couple’s joint property ownership

    • Due diligence

    • Legal consulting in the field of placement and issuance of shares, media reports and other specific legal issues of the JSC (e.g  different procedures of purchasing  corporate rights»).

    • Representation of your interests in court

    • Our clients appeal decisions of general  participants meeting mostly on following grounds

    • Violation of legal provisions or charter during convening and holding general participants meeting

    • Restriction of a shareholder’s (participants’) right to participate  in general participants meeting

    • Violation of shareholder’s right by general participants meeting (especially rights of minority shareholders who have much less rights to implement their management powers.

    If corporate conflict grows over the borders of the enterprise, our lawyers will minimize possible property and reputation losses during court procedure.

    You can prevent corporate conflicts before they can emerge using the expertise of our lawyers at the preparation of charter (by-laws) and minutes which is most crucial phase of establishment of business entity.  


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