License for education operations

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License for education operations
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    License for education operations, Ukraine

    Close attention is paid to educational activities as the basis of spiritual, intellectual, socio-economic development of society at the state level. To opening courses, preschool institutions, out-of-school, school, vocational education institutions, universities in Ukraine have the right for legal entities of any form of ownership, sole proprietorship. A prerequisite is obtaining a license, which is issued by the Ministry of Education or local state administrations.

    Obtaining a permit is a rather laborious process that requires the approval of the curriculum, confirmation of the compliance of the conditions for carrying out activities with the standards of fire safety, labor protection, compliance of premises, material and technical base with sanitary standards.

    If you have an idea of ​​creating an educational institution, but you do not know where to start, contact the lawyers of RegService, who will help you draw up all the necessary documents, represent your interests in the licensing authority. You, in turn, will be able to focus as much as possible on preparing for the main activity and start the educational process as quickly as possible.

    Types of activities in the field of education that are subject to licensing

    The licensing procedure, which was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers decree No. 1187 dated December 30, 2015 (a new version was released in 2018), provides for obtaining permission to open educational institutions:

    • preschool (care, development, upbringing);
    • secondary (initial, basic, complete);
    • extracurricular activities (sports, artistic and aesthetic, scientific and technical, local history, health, military-patriotic and other areas);
    • vocational (courses, initial training, retraining, advanced training);
    • higher (training specialists, retraining, expanding the profile of military training for university students).

    The presence of a license makes it possible to work honestly and legally, and gives the right to issue state documents.

     The procedure for obtaining a permit document provides for the following stages:

    • Registration of an entrepreneurial entity (we will help to open an individual entrepreneur, legal entity).
    • Approval of the curriculum.
    • Coordination with government agencies of the compliance of the premises, equipment with established standards.
    • Conclusion of a contract for medical care of the institution.
    • Preparation of all documents and statements, submitting them to the Ministry of Education or the state administration.
    • Monitoring the document approval process.
    • Paying fees and fees, obtaining a license and transferring it to you.

    For various types of educational institutions, courses, the procedure, as well as the list of required documents, is individual. Before registering a business entity, we recommend that you consult with a lawyer at RegService Law Firm. To sign up for a consultation, call us by phone or leave a request for a call back.


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