The service includes:

  • Professional consultation of a specialist;
  • Preparation of the complete package of documents;
  • Notarial support;
  • Payment of state duties, fees etc.;
  • Conducting direct works related to the provision of services.

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  • The service is available all over Ukraine (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odessa, Lvov, Kamianske, Chernigov, Vinnitsa, Zhitomir, Khmelnitsky). Offer different methods of payment

    The сost of  LLC (LTD) registration includes:

    • advice concerning the aspects of registration and activities of a LCC;

    • preparation of all documents that are required for LLC registration;

    • notary services;

    • all state fees, charges, payments;

    • registration with the State Tax Administration and other executive bodies;

    • production of a seal;

    • honorary.

    Why LLC?

    You can choose the way how to organize and register your enterprise according to your demands and affordable means when establishing it.

    Ukrainian law envisages several legal forms of business entities (LLC, JSC, additional liability company, general partnership and limited partnership).

    These forms have some advantages and disadvantages, which should be thoroughly examined with regard to the profile and purposes of your business.

    Legal advantages of Limited Liability Company

    • LLC may be founded by physical and/or legal persons both residents and non-residents,

    • Minimum number of LLC participants is one person, maximum  - 100 persons;

    • Minimum LLC capitalization (charter capital) is not regulated (usually from 1 UAH);
    • Conditions of its formation are flexible. Charter capital shall be formed within first year of LLC activity, the sources of its formation are financial means and/or property;

    • a sole person may participate in different LLCs, but he or she may have 100% share only in one LLC;

    • LLC has simple management system.

    • Director’s powers (executive body of an enterprise) are limited by the supreme management body which is called “meeting of participants”.

    • LLC is not required by law to file and publish special regular reporting  (as opposed to JSC);

    • There is no need to make additional investments in accounting and operations with securities (as opposed to JSC);

    • by-laws (charter) is the legal basis for  LLC.

    LLC can act on the basis of the Model charter which simplifies establishment of the LLC and its activity and reduces the amount of papers, it also allows to save on notary services

    Hence, if you aim at realization of ambitious projects and want to establish your business entity simply and effectively then the LLC will be the best option.

    How to register a LLC?

    The procedure of LLC registration includes  following steps:

    • development of the charter on the basis of papers

    • given by the client regarding founders, officials and additional information;

    • meting at notary office for notarizing  the charter and the letter of attorney.

    • payment of the state duty (170 UAH), registration with the State Registration Office.

    • expectation up to 3 business days, during which information is delivered to the Department of Statistics and the Ministry of Revenues and Duties.

      the stamp is produced at the same time.

    • receiving from the State Registration Office statement with complete information regarding registration at the local department of the Ministry of Revenues and Duties and the Department of Statistics.

    • handing of a seal and full package of registered documents to a client.

    Following information is required for LCC registration:

    • name of the newly established LCC;

    • exact address (if any) or desired area of registration of the LLC (we can offer you a legal address);

    • the amount of charter capital;

    • distribution of the participatory interest among LLC’s participants;

    • in case of formation of charter capital by property:

    • list of the property, with the indication of its value and information who of participants invests it;

    • scope of activities;

    • system of taxation  (you can choose a system of taxation later);

    • contact telephone number,

    The charter (by-laws) defines:

    • order of transfer of  participatory interest;

    • order of the distribution of revenues and losses;

    • the structure and competence of decision making bodies

    • procedure of  amending the charter;

    • liquidation and reorganization procedure of the LLC.

    The LLC may also carry its activity on the basis of a model charter, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

    The use of a Model charter simplifies establishing of the LLC, reduces the amount of documents (there will be no need to notarize the charter).

     If a business entity is established and operates under the Model charter, the decision on its establishment, which shall be signed by all  participants, shall provide information about its name, purpose and subject of economic activity, as well as information that this business entity operates under the Model charter.

    The charter may include provisions that limit powers of the director regarding making crucial decisions and envisage that all important decisions shall be made only by the general participants’ meeting

    Documents that are required for registration of a limited liability company (LLC):

    • copies of director’s passport and taxpayer ID;

    • copy of the passport and the registration number of the taxpayer registration card (identification number) accountant, if available

    Director of the LLC can be one of the participants or other person.

    • Employment of an accountant is not required by law (we can offer accounting services).

    Following categories of persons are prohibited from being a director:

    • deputies of all levels;

    • heads of executive authorities and local government;

    • military personnel;

    • notaries;

    • prosecutors, judges, personnel  of the State Security service and the Interior Ministry  ;

    • persons who have criminal record for crimes against property if such conviction has not been revoked.

    If a director or employee of an LLC is a foreigner, he or she should obtain employment permission issued by the State Employment Service of Ukraine.

    Fine for employment of a foreigner with no work permit amounts 20 min. wages (approximately 2000 USD)

    Documents that shall be given by participants for establishment of the LLC

    If participants  are citizens of Ukraine:

    • copies of  passports;

    • copies of  taxpayer ID.

     A person may participate only in one LLC with 100% share.

     If participant is a foreigner:

    • copies of passport and taxpayer ID

    All official documents (notarized power of attorney and copies of documents) issued by foreign countries shall be legalized or apostilised.

    Official documents issued by foreign countries are not recognized as valid without legalization.

    Documents issued by several countries (CIS, Baltic and other closest neighbors of Ukraine) do not require any legalization or apostille.

    In addition, foreign documents shall be translated into Ukrainian and notarized.

    Documents in Russian do not require Ukrainian translation

    If participant is a legal entity established in Ukraine:

    •  decision (minutes) of the executive body of that legal entity regarding establishing the new LLC  ;

    • documents comfirming powers of a person, who will sign behalf of legal entity (participant) /

      (or a notarized power of attorney for the representative);

    • Charter or  by-laws  (notarized copy) - 2 samples.;

    • extract from the State Register of Legal Entities.

    Limited liability company shall not have as its sole participant another legal entity founded by the same person.

    If participant is a foreign legal entity:

    • notarized copy of the document certifying the registration of foreign legal entity in its country e. g. extract from the trade, banking, judicial register, certificate, etc.);

    • decision (protocol) of the supreme body of the legal entity regarding establishment of the LLC

    • documents confirming powers of the person appointed to sign documents on behalf of the legal entity which establishes the LLC (decision on appointment of the director, notarized copy of the charted or notarized power of attorney)

    • documents issued by the legal entity (protocols, decisions, power of attorney) shall be sealed by this legal entity. During the signing of papers at notary office (in Ukraine) for a person who can not speak Ukrainian (Russian) language, the presence of an interpreter is required.

    • exract confirming registration with State Register;

    • charter (by-laws);

    • extract from the Statistics Department;

    • order appointing the director of the LLC;

    • protocol of the General Participants' Meeting;

    • stamp.

    We also provide assistance in obtaining certificate of single tax payer (separate procedure) or VAT payer.

    What taxes are paid by the LLC?

    The answer to this question depends on the specifics of the LLC’s activity. The company shall  pay the transport, water, land tax, severance tax, excise duties etc.

    In addition, each employer must pay payroll taxes: personal income tax and duties to extra-budgetary funds. Preliminary analysis of tax payments will allow the businessman to estimate the amount of expenses and decide which system should be chosen for taxation of the  LLC.

    Taxation system are  divided into 2 types

    • general tax regime;

    • simplified tax regime

    General tax regime

    The main tax of such regimes is the corporate profit tax. The main distinction of such system is that the tax base presented by income minus losses

    This regime envisages more complicated system of accounting and taxation than simplified tax regime.

    We can offer you accounting services and facilitate the process of your business.

    Corporate profit tax amounts 18% for the year 2014.

    Tax law divides the business entities into two categories depending on the amount of annual revenue with regard to the tax payment deadlines:

    • a) less than 10 million UAH - such business entities pay tax once a year on the basis of the annual declaration;

    • b) more than 10 million UAH  - such business entities pay CPT in advance, the amount of payments is determined by dividing he previous year's tax liabilities into 12.

    Advance payment shall be made every month.

    Simplified tax regime

    Only two categories of legal entities may use simplified tax regime:

    • If revenue of the business entity is less than 5 million UAH and average number of employees is less than 50 persons. Single tax amounts 5 % of revenue or 3% plus  VAT.

    • If revenue of the business entity is more 5 but less than 20 million UAH without any limits regarding number of employees. Single tax amounts 7 % of revenue or 5% plus VAT.



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