Registration of an LLC with foreign owners

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    Registration of an LLC with foreign owners

    The economy of Ukraine needs foreign investments. The best option for a business activity is the establishment of a LLC with foreign participants. This legal framework allows foreign investors to fully control all the business activity and use all the rights alongside with Ukrainian partners

    LLC registration with foreign investments  has some peculiarities in  formation of a charter  capital. Foreign participants may contribute to the share capital only in  currency  of first  category (USD or EUR), they may  contribute  UAH    

    Contribution to charter capital shall not be made in cash, only non-cash payment is accepted. Foreign investments are subject to registration with the authorities. See Resolution of the Cabinet Ministers of Ukraine On adoption the Order of registration of foreign investments (in Ukrainian).

    LLC registration with requires following actions

    • preparation of statutory documents

    • charter capital formation

    • registration with the State Registration Service of Ukraine, with the statistics authorities and tax authorites.

    • opening of a bank account

    • production of the corporate stamp

    • all these actions will be done for you by us.

    Documents required from physical person  (non-resident)

    • passport copy (with Ukrainian visa, if required)
    • taxpayer ID

    LLC registration with foreign investors (participants, owners) may be carried you without arrival in Ukraine, if there is a representative acting on behalf of such person.  In this case, the notarized power of attorney  shall be provided to the representative granting  the right to perform these acts.

    Documents required from non-resident legal entity

    • a notarized copy of a document confirming the registration of the legal entity in its country of origin  (extract from the State (Commercial, bank, etc) register  

    • decision or minutes on the establishment of a new business entity

    • documents confirming the powers of the person signing documents on behalf of the legal entity (decision on the appointment of the Director and a certified copy of the charter, or a notarized power of attorney for the representative).

    • document given by the legal entity (minutes, decision, power of attorney, etc) shall be stamped. If any of the present persons can not speak Ukrainian or Russian, the presence of the interpreter is required.

     All notarized copies of documents issued by foreign countries shall be translated in Ukrainian and attested, otherwise they will not have legal effect . This provision is not required for ex-USSR countries (CIS and Baltic countries), there is no requirement regarding translation into Ukrainian from Russian.

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