Obtaining a construction license

The service includes:

  • Professional consultation of a specialist;
  • Preparation of the complete package of documents;
  • Notarial support;
  • Payment of state duties, fees etc.;
  • Conducting direct works related to the provision of services.

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up to 10 business days
Obtaining a construction license
  • The service is available all over Ukraine (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odessa, Lvov, Kamianske, Chernigov, Vinnitsa, Zhitomir, Khmelnitsky). Offer different methods of payment

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    The cost of obtaining a building license includes:

    • consultations on all issues of obtaining a construction license;

    • preparation of all documents required for obtaining a construction license;

    • ALL duties, fees, payments;

    • support in ALL  institutions;

    • our fee

    The building license is the basis for the construction business. Before proceeding with construction work, the enterprise must obtain such a permit. Legislation defines the range of works subject to licensing, in particular:

    • construction and installation works;

    • installation of engineering networks;

    • Construction of transport facilities 

    In order to obtain a construction license, firstly, you must select from the list of classification types of economic activity from the section: F Construction

    Validity of the construction license – unlimited.

     Licensing of construction works is carried out by the State Inspectorate for Architecture and Urban Planning (GIAG) The non-transparency of the work of licensing authorities, the variability of their requirements require practical knowledge and significant experience in the field of issuing construction licenses , which we offer you.

    How to get a building license?

    The procedure for obtaining a construction license consists of the following steps:  

    • preparation of all necessary documents based on the data provided by the client;payment of government fees and performance of actions to obtain a building license;
    • passing peer review;
    • Previous commission pass;
    • representation of interests (together with the director or chief engineer of the enterprise) at a meeting of an expert commission at the Main Directorate of Architectural and Construction Inspection;
    • obtaining a building license  

    To obtain a construction license, you must provide the EDRPOU code and the necessary KVED.

    After registering, you get:

    - construction license,

    - document with GIAG on inclusion in the registry,

    - a document from the Department of Urban Planning and Architecture that a legal entity or FLP has the right to engage in these types of work


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