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Registration of a change in the name of an organization
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    In Art. Law 17 "On State Registration of Legal Entities and Individuals - Entrepreneurs" dated 05.15.2003, No. 755-IV states that the full and abbreviated (if any) name of a legal entity is one of the most important elements of information that is entered in the EDRPOU and are contained in the registration card of the enterprise, the form of which is approved by the Ministry of Justice. Very often the name undergoes changes in the event of a change in the organizational and legal form. To register a new name of your enterprise, you need to completely change all the constituent documents, prepare a new set of them and submit them to the state registrar and other government agencies.

    The decision to change the name of a public organization must be certified in the protocol and charter of the association of citizens, which are certified by the signatures of the founders. Naturally, if you change the name of your public organization, you will have to destroy the old one and make a seal with a new name.

    How is the registration of a name change of a public organization carried out?

    Documents required to register a change in the name of an enterprise:

    • extract from the Unified State Register / certificate from statistics authorities;
    • the charter (or articles of association) and amendments to it (if any);\
    • minutes of the general meeting of participants on changing the name of a legal entity (in some cases);
    • information about the new name.

    You can check the uniqueness of the new company name on the website Requirements for the name - inadmissibility of any full or abbreviated names of state bodies, the state (Ukrainian) language, writing in capital letters, also in the statutory documents, an abbreviated name can be indicated. It is allowed in the charter to write the name in English as well - this will be an advantage if your activity is related to foreign economic activity or the conditions for its conduct provide for regular contacts with foreign public organizations.

    After registration you will receive:

    1. an extract of state registration;
    2. a certificate from the statistics department (about entering the enterprise into the EDRPOU);
    3. the new edition of the charter;
    4. new seal.


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