Proof of the child's citizenship

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Proof of the child's citizenship
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    Issues related to immigration law are daunting in their complexity. And to deal with the issue of confirming the citizenship of a child is a very responsible step. Obtaining citizenship is a procedure that officially registers a child as a citizen of Ukraine.

    How to confirm Ukrainian citizenship for a child?

    1. There are conditions for confirming the requirements for obtaining citizenship:
    2. The child was born or lived on the territory of Ukraine
    3. One of the close relatives was born or lived on the territory of Ukraine
    4. The child was born in independent Ukraine and did not acquire the status of a citizen of Ukraine
    5. The child was found on the territory of Ukraine, but the parents could not be found
    6. If the parents of the child do not have Ukrainian citizenship, but have legal grounds for residence in the territory of the state
    7. If one of the parents is a refugee or emigrant and the child was born in the territory providing assistance
    8. If one of the parents has Ukrainian citizenship.

    Required documentary data to confirm the citizenship of the child:

    1. Passport of a citizen of Ukraine
    2. Foreign passport issued in Ukraine
    3. Service passport
    4. Information confirming the identity of a citizen of Ukraine
    5. Information confirming the identity of the seafarer or crew member
    6. Certificate of return to Ukraine

    Do not forget that if a child is a citizen of Ukraine, then his parents can apply for a permanent residence permit, and after 5 years of permanent residence - for Ukrainian citizenship.

    If the child is under 7 years old, then he is issued a certificate of confirmation of Ukraine for a period of 3 years.

    If the child's age is from 7 to 16 years old, then he is given a certificate that confirms the citizenship of Ukraine.

    Documents that are needed to confirm the citizenship of Ukraine for children:

    1. The application for the establishment of citizenship is filled in
    2. If the child is from 7 years old, then 2 photographs are needed (3.5 x 4.5)
    3. One of the documents listed above
    4. One of the docs:
    • Absence information
    • Termination information
    • Information on the refusal of citizenship of a foreign state
    1. Child's birth certificate
    2. Passport data of the child's parents
    3. Parents' marriage information
    4. Refugee ID (if available)
    5. Accommodation information (if required)

    The procedure for confirming the citizenship of a child:

    • Writing an application Collecting the necessary documents
    • Submission to the relevant body of the SMS (OVIR)
    • Getting a confirmation certificate

    What data are included in the certificate of confirmation of the child's citizenship:

    • Full name
    • Gender
    • Date of issue
    • Baby's birth information
    • Citizenship Information
    • Dates of validity

    Dual Citizenship for a Child If a child is born in the United States of America (USA), then he / she becomes a US citizen. And also, a citizen of the country whose citizenship the other parent has. As for this situation in Ukraine, the state recognizes only one citizenship.

    But if a child is a citizen of Ukraine and some other state, then our Legislation can turn a blind eye to this. If a child with a double, one of which is from Ukraine, arrives in Ukraine, he will not be able to apply for help to the embassy of the state where he has a second citizenship.

    Also, if a child has 2 or more, then he will not be able to work in government positions.

    RegService "offers:

    1. A consultation at which our employee will answer all your questions
    2. Analysis of all documents
    3. Our specialist will make sure of the correct execution of the documentation
    4. Collecting a package of documents
    5. Our specialist will provide an accurate list of required documents and help with the collection of information
    6. Transfer of the package of documents to the SMS Verification of the confirmation process
    7. Verification of the received documents and transfer to the client

    The legal company "RegService" has been dealing with this procedure for confirming citizenship for many years. Our experts know how best to help with obtaining in Ukraine. By contacting "RegService", you do not need to stand in crazy queues and waste precious time. Our company will save you from bureaucratic red tape and will help you get a certificate confirming the child's citizenship within the agreed time frame.


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