Registration of LLC with a foreign founder (capital, citizen, participation)

The service includes:

  • Professional consultation of a specialist;
  • Preparation of the complete package of documents;
  • Notarial support;
  • Payment of state duties, fees etc.;
  • Conducting direct works related to the provision of services.

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  • The service is available all over Ukraine (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odessa, Lvov, Kamianske, Chernigov, Vinnitsa, Zhitomir, Khmelnitsky). Offer different methods of payment

    In Ukraine, there is a very acute problem with attracting foreign investment. Unfortunately, Ukrainian legislation cannot fully protect the capital of foreign investors. The unstable situation in the country scares off all potential investors. If you want your business to be associated with foreign investment, then the best organizational and legal form is a limited liability company (LLC). A huge advantage of this form is that the founder can fully control the activities of the enterprise and exercise his rights on an equal footing with the rest. A non-resident founder can apply for the position of director only after going through a certain procedure, which takes a long time. Registering an LLC with a foreign founder on your own is a rather troublesome business that can take weeks. It is better to contact a qualified specialist who will prompt or do everything for you.

    Benefits of registering an LLC with a founder:

    • Absence of minimum and maximum size of the authorized capital
    • Possible number of founders - up to 100
    • Limited liability. If the organization has debts, then the founder will not lose more than his contribution to the authorized capital
    • The activity has no restrictions for the development and conduct of business (except for the conduct of activities of tax organizations) You can sell or donate part of the company's shares

    What are the taxation systems for LLCs:

    Single tax system:

    • LLC with an annual turnover of up to UAH 7 million


    • General taxation system (no limit)


    The single tax system cannot be used by:

    • Legal entity: state regulator - the National Bank or the State Commission for Financial Regulation; in debt
    • Non-residents: individuals or legal entities

    Required documents for setting up an LLC with foreign participation:

    If a non-resident is a legal entity:

    • A copy of the document that confirms the registration of the legal entity (the copy is notarized)
    • Protocol stating the decision to become a founder
    • Documents that confirm the authority of the person when signing documents

    All documents must have a translation into Ukrainian, be certified by a notary and must be legalized and apostilled. Otherwise, they will not have legal force in Ukraine. Translation exceptions: countries of the former USSR.

    If a non-resident is an individual:

    • Copy of passport with visa
    • A copy of the certificate of assignment of the identification code

    If the registration of an LLC takes place with the participation of a foreign individual, then he may not come to Ukraine, but send his representative.

    The procedure for setting up an LLC with a foreign founder:

    • Preparation of information for the creation of the charter
    • Obtaining the necessary documents for registration of LLC Notarization of all documents
    • Payment of state fees
    • Submission of documents to the appropriate authority for registration of the founder's LLC
    • Enterprise stamp order
    • Receiving documents and transferring them to the customer along with the stamp

    Depositing funds when registering an organization with a non-resident founder:

    • Funds in the authorized capital are contributed in foreign currency

    Funds are deposited to the physical account of a non-resident, and then to the account of the future enterprise

    What does the customer receive when registering an LLC:

    • Certificate of entering the LLC into the state register
    • Enterprise charter
    • Document specifying the appointment of the director of the organization
    • Organization protocol
    • Organization stamp

    What is included in the cost of the service:

    • Checking the uniqueness of the name of the organization
    • Preparation of all documents
    •  Preparation of minutes and statutes
    • Submission to the registration authority
    • Enterprise stamp order
    • Opening a bank account

    Registration deadline: 7-10 working days The company "RegService - registration of an LLC with a foreign founder" is a team of professionals who have many years of experience in creating a limited liability company and will be able to provide qualified assistance in preparing documents for your business and opening an LLC in a foreign citizen.


    • Consultation
    • Payment
    • Documentation
    • Transfer of documents


    The cost of our services is fixed. It is calculated taking into account ALL the necessary procedures and costs.


    We guarantee that the registration will be executed in accordance with the deadlines set at the conclusion of the contract about the providing of services.


    • Charter
    • Certificate of state registration of an enterprise
    • Protocol
    • Stamp


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