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  • Notarial support;
  • Payment of state duties, fees etc.;
  • Conducting direct works related to the provision of services.

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Registration of news agency in Ukraine. News agency
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    Recently, the activity of providing society with information has acquired particular importance. Given the loss of importance of the factor of distances and borders due to the spread of electronic communications, the role of news agencies in this global process can hardly be overestimated

    All domestic news agencies and representative offices of foreign news agencies are subject to state registration in Ukraine; they are established or operate in Ukraine. Legislative acts governing the procedure for state registration of information agencies: Law of Ukraine "On Information Agencies" dated 02.06.2011, Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers dated 17.11.1997 N 1287 "On State Registration of Print Media, Information Agencies and the Amount of Registration Fees" on state registration of news agencies as subjects of information activities, approved by order of the Ministry of Justice dated February 21, 2006 No. 12/5 (as amended).

    A news agency is a subject of information activities, registered in the prescribed manner and acts to provide information services.

    A representative office of a news agency in Ukraine is any institution registered in Ukraine as a subject of information activity (bureau, representative office, bureau, etc.), represents in Ukraine a state or non-state news agency registered as a legal entity of the corresponding country, in Ukraine carries out activities in the field of information.

    According to the current legislation of Ukraine, news agencies are not limited in the choice of languages - it is possible to provide information services to the population both in the state (Ukrainian) and in other languages.

    Domestic citizens and legal entities have the right to establish an information agency in Ukraine - foreigners and foreign legal entities can only be their co-founders.

    Registration documents:

    according to Art. 13 Law of Ukraine "On Information Agencies" dated 02.06.2011, for registration are submitted:

    • an application with a request to register a news agency (we will prepare it provided you provide the necessary data), signed and sealed by the founder (for legal entities);
    • If the founder is an individual: - personal passport data (copy of the passport); certificate of assignment of an identification number.
    • If the founder is a legal entity: name, location, communication means, the name of the bank, set account numbers.
    • full name and abbreviated name of the news agency;
    • its type and its organizational and legal form;
    • the sphere of distribution of information products, where it is planned to conduct information activities (local, regional, national, national and foreign, foreign);
    • languages in which information products will be distributed;
    • purpose and main directions of activity;
    • sources of financial and logistical support;
    • location of the news agency.

    The application for state registration of information agency is necessary to make an extract from the EDRPOU, if you already are functioning as a legal entity. If a representative office of a foreign news agency is registered, it is necessary to prepare a copy of the Accreditation Card from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

    Refusal of state registration of a news agency is possible only on the grounds established by Art. 14 Law of Ukraine "On Information Agencies":

    • the name of the news agency, its program goal, main goals and areas of activity contradict Articles 2, 3 of this Law;
    • another news agency with the same name has already been registered;
    • the application for registration was submitted before the expiration of a year from the date of entry into force of the court decision on the termination of the activities of this news agency.

    The payment of the fee for the issuance of a registration certificate is provided for by the Cabinet of Ministers of 11/17/1997 N 1287 "On state registration of print media, news agencies and the amount of registration fees", and its amount depends on the presence or absence of a foreign factor in the founders:

    • if the founders are domestic - 50 non-taxable minimum incomes of citizens;
    • if the news agency is founded with the participation of citizens and / or legal entities of other states, as well as legal entities of Ukraine, in the authorized capital of which there is foreign capital - 120.

    After registration by the Ministry of Justice of the decision and payment of the fee, the applicant is issued a certificate of the established information. In addition to the registration certificate, the skin from news agencies receives a special number that is assigned to him when performing registration actions in the Book of Records of Information Agencies, which is maintained by the Ministry of Justice.


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