Cooperative registration

The service includes:

  • Professional consultation of a specialist;
  • Preparation of the complete package of documents;
  • Notarial support;
  • Payment of state duties, fees etc.;
  • Conducting direct works related to the provision of services.

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Registration of a consumer cooperative (garage, production). Register a cooperative
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    The cost of registering cooperatives includes:

    • consultation on all issues of registration and activities;
    • preparation of all documents required for registration;
    • notary Services;
    • all duties, fees, payments;
    • registration of the cooperative in all instances;
    • obtaining the status of a non-profit organization (except for production cooperatives);
    • making a seal;
    • our fee.

    A cooperative is an association formed by legal entities or individuals, created on the basis of membership to conduct common economic and other activities, in order to satisfy their social, economic and other needs and acting on the principles of self-government.

    According to the areas of activity, cooperatives can be housing construction, gardening, garage, trade and purchasing, transport, educational, tourist, medical, etc.

    The authorized capital of the cooperative is divided into shares. Each participant, regardless of his participation (share) in the authorized capital, has one vote.

    By the nature of the activity and tasks, the following types can be distinguished:

    • serving - formed by combining legal entities and individuals in order to provide services and carry out economic activities, mainly to members of the cooperative, as well as to other persons (no more than 20 percent of the total turnover of the cooperative);
    • production - created for general production or other economic activity by combining individuals with the aim of making a profit, on the basis of their compulsory labor participation;
    • consumer (consumer society) - is formed by combining legal entities and individuals for the production of goods, trade, procurement of raw materials, agricultural products and other services in order to meet the consumer needs of its members.

    Members can be both individuals and legal entities, and non-residents. There must be at least three members of the cooperative.


    • open, voluntary membership;
    • democratic control according to the principle “one member - one vote”;
    • the share capital of the cooperative is created only by its members;
    • share payments are distributed between members in proportion to the amount of work performed by the cooperative;
    • highly organized form of mutual assistance, mutual assistance;
    • protection of their social and economic rights and interests.


    The registration procedure for cooperatives consists of the following steps:

    • holding a constituent assembly of founders;
    • holding a general meeting of members;
    • development of a set of constituent documents of the cooperative based on the data provided by the client;
    • registration actions and obtaining a certificate of state registration with data on registration with the tax and statistics department;
    • preparation of a package of documents required to open a temporary account in a banking institution for the formation of a mutual fund (for production cooperatives);
    • registration with state funds;
    • providing the client with a complete package of documents and a seal.


    To register a cooperative, you must submit the following information:

    • the name of the cooperative to be created;
    • the procedure for the formation of the authorized fund and its form;
    • a type;
    • activities;
    • list of persons holding managerial positions in the cooperative;
    • telephone, which is entered in the register and will be used by government agencies as a contact.

    Documents from officials required to register a cooperative:

    1. copies of passports of the director and accountant;
    2. copies of director and accountant identification numbers

    Documents from founders:

    For individuals:

    • copies of passports of founders;
    • copies of certificates of assignment of an identification number.

    For legal entities:

    • an extract from the Unified State Register of Enterprises of Ukraine;
    • copies of constituent documents (charter, minutes);
    • documents confirming the powers of the person who will sign the agreement on behalf of the legal entity - the founder.

    DOCUMENTS for non-residents:


    • a copy of the passport indicating the registration address, with translation into Ukrainian, and a certificate of assignment of an identification number.


    • a notarized copy of the document confirming the registration of the legal entity - the founder in the country of location (extract from the trade, banking, judicial register, certificate, etc.);
    • decision (protocol) of the highest body of a legal entity on the decision to act as a founder;
    • documents confirming the authority of the person who will sign the documents on behalf of the legal entity - the founder (decision on the appointment of a director and a notarized copy of the charter, or a notarized power of attorney for the representative).

    Documents from officials required to register a cooperative:

    • copies of passports of the director and accountant;
    • copies of their certificates of assignment of identification numbers

    After registration you will receive:

    • charter;
    • minutes of the constituent meeting of the founders;
    • an extract of state registration;
    • company stamp;
    • a package of documents for opening a bank account.


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