Registration of ownership of the garage

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Registration of ownership of the garage
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    Registration of ownership of the garage

    In order to be able to use the garage at your discretion - to sell, lease, inherit, etc., you must register the ownership of it. A garage is considered fully completed when there is a certificate of ownership of the building and land.

    The procedure for registration of title documents, which makes it possible to legitimize the garage, depends on the legal status of the building: the ownership of a garage as part of a GBK, a detached building or an unauthorized building.

    Privatization of the cooperative garage

    In order to obtain ownership of the garage in GBK, you must make sure that the cooperative itself is properly formalized and registered, and the building was erected in accordance with the law. All documents are drawn up by the chairman of the GBK. However, the acquisition of ownership in this case applies only to the garage, the land, as a rule, remains the property of the cooperative.

    Documents for registering ownership of a garage in a cooperative:

    1. Certificate stating that the future owner is in GBK, and payment of all contributions;
    2. Copies of his passport and identification code;
    3. Technical passport obtained at the BT;
    4. A copy of the act on the transfer of land for the use of a garage cooperative, certified by a notary.

    With these documents, the owner applies for a certificate to the registration authority or the regional state administration

    Registration of ownership of an individual garage

    If the building is located not on the territory of the GBK, but on a separate site, such a site can be privatized, and the garage will need to be put into operation.

    List of documents for registering ownership of a garage built on a separate site:

    1. Decision of the executive committee of the district council on land acquisition;
    2. Garage building permit;
    3. Technical documentation issued by the BTI.

    With the collected package of documents, the owner, as in the previous case, applies to the regional state administration or the registration authority.

    Legalization of unauthorized construction

    The most difficult thing is to achieve recognition of ownership of a garage built without permission. To legalize an unauthorized building erected on its own land plot, it is necessary to issue a passport at the BTI, submit a technical inspection report to the architectural inspectorate and receive a declaration on the readiness of the structure for operation. On the basis of the declaration, a certificate of ownership is obtained. All kinds of applications to the court for the recognition of ownership of the garage are most often associated with unauthorized construction.

    If the garage is erected on a site belonging to a city or village, it is necessary to arrange a land lease, otherwise the garage can be legally demolished.

    The procedure for registering the ownership of a garage, and Ukraine is quite laborious, requires awareness in the field of housing law, the correct execution of all documents. Therefore, we recommend entrusting it to the RegService lawyers. To get answers to your questions or order a service, call the phone number listed on the website, or fill out the feedback form.


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