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School registration. How to open a private school in Ukraine - what is needed and documents for opening?
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    Private educational institutions are gaining popularity in Ukraine. Opening your own school is a crucial step not only in the preparation of documents, but also in the introduction of educational activities in general. The registration procedure for a private school in Ukraine requires basic knowledge of jurisprudence.

    Private schools have the following advantages for the consumer:

    1. Financing. Private schools are better funded by investors and consumers;
    2. Advanced services. A private school has more opportunities to expand its scope of activity;
    3. Healthcare level. In private educational institutions, the level of health care is higher because the provision of medical equipment is renewed thanks to sponsors;
    4. Protection level. Private schools are responsible for protecting those who study and those who work. And also, the level of protection is higher due to the fear of losing property.

    In many European countries, private schools are considered a very important part of the educational system. In Ukraine, such an attitude to private schools, yet, no, but the education system has room to grow. But, despite these problems, private schools are in demand among the population.

    Private educational institutions can function only from the moment of obtaining a license to introduce activities for the provision of educational services.

    In the legislation of Ukraine there are no restrictions on the choice of the organizational and legal form.

    Requirements for registering a school in Ukraine:

    1. Availability of skilled workers;
    2. Availability of equipment for educational activities;
    3. Availability of premises that will meet all the requirements.

    Important questions that need to be resolved before collecting documents:

    1. Where will the educational institution be located (location)?
    2. What is the size of the authorized capital?
    3. Who will be the leader?

    The list of documents depends on the legal form of the institution and the status of the founder. 

    Both a legal entity and an individual have the right to open a private school.

    Documents required for registration of a private school in Ukraine:

    1. Registration card;
    2. Notarized charter;
    3. Passport (if the application will be carried out by the head);
    4. Power of attorney (if the submission will be carried out by an authorized representative).

    Founder - legal entity:

    1. Registration statement (USREOU);
    2. Organization charter;
    3. Help from statistics management;
    4. A document that confirms the authority of a legal entity (protocol);
    5. A document that confirms the consent of the founders of the organization to register a private school.

    Founder - individual:

    1. Copy of the passport;
    2. Copy of identification code.

    How to open your own private school in Ukraine?

    The procedure for registering a private educational institution:

    1. Decide on the name, organizational and legal form and founders;
    2. Apply for a license to provide educational services;
    3. Decide on a legal address, charter;
    4. Approve the charter in the relevant authorities;
    5. Submit a package of documents for registration of a private school. If there are no comments after checking the papers, then a private school is issued.

    What is included in the cost of opening a private school in Ukraine?

    1. Consultation. Our specialist will answer all questions and help you understand the documentation;
    2. Verification of information. Our specialist will study and check all documents for errors or inaccuracies;
    3. Registration of all documents. Our specialist will draw up and prepare all the document in accordance with the requirements;
    4. Submission of a package of documents to the appropriate authority for registration;
    5. Opening a bank account;
    6. Making a seal.

    What documents does the customer receive after opening a private school?

    1. Registration statement (USREOU);
    2. Charter and minutes;
    3. A document that confirms the authority of the person in the position of director;
    4. A seal;
    5. Bank account.

    Legal company "RegService" will help you understand all the intricacies of opening a private school. Our professionals know their business and within the agreed time frame will give you all the documents confirming that you are the owner of a private school.


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