Media registration for the news site

The service includes:

  • Professional consultation of a specialist;
  • Preparation of the complete package of documents;
  • Notarial support;
  • Payment of state duties, fees etc.;
  • Conducting direct works related to the provision of services.

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  • The service is available all over Ukraine (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odessa, Lvov, Kamianske, Chernigov, Vinnitsa, Zhitomir, Khmelnitsky). Offer different methods of payment

    Today in Ukraine there is only one way to register a website as a media, electronic media, Internet publishing house, information bureau - the creation of an information agency.

    For newspapers, magazines, and other media that are published at least once a year in hard copy, another form of registration is provided - print media.

    Stages of registration of online media

    When registering electronic media, the legislation provides for two stages: registration of a legal entity and registration of this legal entity as a subject of information activities. Both types are included in the payment for services when registering media by specialists of the RegService Law Firm.

    As for the creation of a legal entity, any organizational and legal form is suitable for it - LLC, JSC, etc. According to Article 11 of the Law of Ukraine "On Information Agencies" news agencies can have any organizational and legal forms.

    A legal entity has the right to operate as an electronic media only after its registration as an information agency.

    If the economic object already exists, only the second stage of registration is paid.

    Who can be the founder of the news agency

    At the initial stage, registration of the site as a media is allowed to citizens of Ukraine and other countries, as well as to Ukrainian and foreign legal entities. It is forbidden to create news agencies if more than 35% of the authorized capital in them belongs to persons who are not citizens of Ukraine or to foreign companies. In such cases, the creation of a representative office is acceptable.

    What needs to be determined for registration of electronic media

    • Name - full and abbreviated;
    • Statement of intent to register an agency;
    • Languages in which materials will be published;
    • Information about the area of work, target audience;
    • Organizational and legal form;
    • Sources of financing.

    How is the registration of a news agency in "RegService"

    1. The client leaves an application for registration - by phone, through the return form on the website, by e-mail;
    2. Our lawyers provide the first consultation;
    3. Next, the preparation of documents for registration of a legal entity takes place, the registration form is filled out;
    4. We prepare a package of documents necessary for the registration of a business entity and send them to the registration authorities;
    5. After receiving permission from the registrar to open a legal entity, our lawyers prepare documents for obtaining a certificate of registration of a news agency;
    6. After the documents are signed by the client, they are submitted to the Ministry of Justice;
    7. The completed certificate is handed over to the client;

    You can find out more about payment, required documents and terms of their preparation by calling us by phone or leaving a request on the website. By contacting the specialists of the company "RegService" you will be able to draw up documents in a short time and get the necessary certificates, and accordingly, you will be able to launch your project as soon as possible and make a profit from it.


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