Representative office registration

The service includes:

  • Professional consultation of a specialist;
  • Preparation of the complete package of documents;
  • Notarial support;
  • Payment of state duties, fees etc.;
  • Conducting direct works related to the provision of services.

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  • The service is available all over Ukraine (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odessa, Lvov, Kamianske, Chernigov, Vinnitsa, Zhitomir, Khmelnitsky). Offer different methods of payment

    Law firm Registration Service provides assitance in Registration of Representative offices in Kiev

    Fee for the  registration of representative office (RO) includes:

    • advice regarding  its registration and activity:

    • preparation of all papers needed to register the representative office;

    • notary services;

    • registration of RO with the statistics authorities, the tax authorities and others ;

    • production of a seal;

    • honorary.

    Foreign business entities may establish RO in order to carry business activity in Ukraine. The RO status allows receiving a number of tax and duty benefits as well as using additional advantages for doing business in Ukraine.

    The registration of a RO makes possible obtaining legal status in Ukraine for a foreign legal entity and its employees.

    There are two types of ROs

    • carry out  business activity  and receive profit (taxable) ;

    • do not carry out business activity and do not receive profit (non-taxable)

     RO registration gives a number of preferences

    • received revenue is not subject to compulsory conversion into UAH;

    • funds received from import can be transferred from the banks accounts of the representative to foreign country;

    • visa support from the MFA;

    • registration of vehicles with “special” number plates.

    How to register a RO?

    RO registration needs professional approach. Our expertise and schemes of interaction with state authorities can significantly save your time and resources.

    RO registration consists of the following steps:

    • preparation of papers on the basis of information given by the client;

    • payment of the state duty, registration with the State Registration Office.

    • receiving of extract from the Ministry of Revenues and Duties and the statistics authorites.

    • production of a stamp;

    • opening of a bank account:

    RO of foreign business entities are registered with the Ministry of trade and economic development of Ukraine.

    The state duty for RO registration amounts 2500 USD.

    What data is required for the registration?

    Following information is required for lodging the application  to the Ministry of economic development and trade of Ukraine. 

    • name of foreign business entity

    • country of origin of foreign business entity

    • information regarding  location of foreign business entity

    • phone number

    • city of RO location with indication of its address.

    • date of registration of foreign business entity

    • legal form of foreign business entity

    • number of employees of foreign business entity

    • bank name with indication of bank account

    • scope of activities  of  foreign business entity

    • purposes of establishing  of RO and its scope of activities , information regarding business connection with Ukrainian partners and perspectives of cooperation

    Documents required for RO registration 

    Application to the Ministry of trade and economic development of Ukraine

    Extract from the trade (bank) register issued by the country of registration of main executive body of foreign business entity.

    Certificate issued by the bank where account of foreign business entity is opened;

    You will receive after registration

    • extract from the State Registration Service;

    • certificate indication registration of the representative office

    • company's stamp.


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