Change of director, head

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Change of director of an enterprise, LLC. Head change
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    Appointment and dismissal of the director

    In the course of its functioning, any legal entity may face the need to change the head, most often in the event of a change in the owners of the enterprise. Of course, there may also be the usual grounds for dismissal - the director's own desire or improper performance, etc. The head of the company is the same employee as everyone else, therefore, according to labor law, on the day of his dismissal, he must be given a completed work book, make a calculation and etc.

    Since the director's personal data is entered into almost all documents of title of a legal entity, in the event of such a change, you will have to face the procedure for their re-registration. Also, the data about the director is entered by the state registrar when registering the enterprise in the USRPOU, and they are publicly available on the website. Although the registering authority is obliged to inform the Ministry of Revenue about any changes, it is worth asking whether the tax authorities were notified.

    After the general meeting of members of the LLC decides to remove the director from office, the manager must approve the order of dismissal, which indicates the details of the minutes of the meeting or the director's statement of dismissal, as well as the clause of the contract or links to the required article of the Labor Code. These documents are signed either by the general director himself or by a person authorized by the owner of the enterprise.

    The legislation provides for the grounds when enterprises are required to agree on a change in the composition of founders or a change in the CEO, for example, if the participants in such a change must turnover for the past year at least 12 million euros, plus some other criteria.

    Documents for changing the director of the enterprise:

    • Registration card with changes in relation to the director;
    • The decision to change the head, or a copy of the document on the appointment of a new head;
    • State registration document;
    • The current charter (if it contains the director's data);
    • Statistics help;
    • Help from USRPOU;
    • A copy of the passport of the director who is leaving;
    • A copy of the certificate of assignment of the identification code of the old director;
    • Similar personal documents of the new director;
    • Power of attorney to amend the statutory documents.
    If your director is a foreigner, you should remember that during the registration of a company in Ukraine, only a foreigner with a view of the right of permanent residence in Ukraine can be the head of the enterprise. A foreigner who plans to find a job in Ukraine must first obtain a work permit.

    Contact the specialists of our company to get full legal support for the procedure for re-registration of title documents and all the necessary consultations about when the new director will become authorized. It remains to express the hope that under the new head your company will find new ways of worthy development and increase its achievements, strengthening its position in the market.


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