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Temporary residence permit in Ukraine
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    Temporary residence permit in Ukraine

    World population migration leads to the fact that a huge number of foreigners visit Ukraine every year. The purposes of the visit can be very different. At the same time, people quite often need to stay for some time in our country. In order for such actions to receive a legal basis, it is necessary for them to comply with the rules specified by law.

    First of all, such citizens should apply for a temporary residence permit in Ukraine. This document is valid for 1 year, after which it will need to be renewed.

    Under what conditions is the permit issued by the state?

    The legal status of foreigners and stateless persons is detailed in Article 4 of the relevant Law of Ukraine. According to it, a temporary residence permit has the right to receive:

    • people who work or study in our country, as well as for family reunification;
    • correspondents and representatives of foreign media;
    • participating in the implementation of international projects;
    • citizens engaged in canonical activities;
    • founders, participants and owners of companies registered in Ukraine.

    It is necessary to take into account that the registration of such a document can take place within the quota established by the state, or outside it. The quota is prescribed by the government annually for groups of foreigners applying for permanent residence in our country.

    What documents are required to apply for a temporary residence permit?

    The list of documents submitted to the State Migration Service of Ukraine includes:

    • application for a residence permit;
    • base;
    • identity document;
    • visa - for residents of countries subject to the visa regime; medical policy;
    • 4 photos;
    • certificate of good conduct.

    It should be noted that this list includes only the main documents. Depending on the basis for filing the application, it is possible to attach additionally some others provided by law.

    A residence permit in Ukraine provides for almost complete observance of the rights and obligations that are prescribed to a Ukrainian citizen. The only exception is voting in elections and the possibility of holding positions in the civil service.

    Otherwise, the residence permit guarantees:

    • long stay of foreigners and stateless persons in the country without leaving;
    • freedom of movement within the territory of Ukraine;
    • banking transactions;
    • obtaining a driver's license; registration of sole proprietorship;
    • registration of a residence permit for their family members.

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