Temporary residence permit (residence permit) in Ukraine on the basis of marriage

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    Foreign citizens or stateless persons aged at least 16 years old who have married a resident of Ukraine have the right to obtain a residence permit in the country - temporary or permanent.

    A residence permit (residence permit) is considered to be a document that certifies the identity of a foreigner / stateless person and gives him the right to temporary or permanent residence in the country.

    To obtain a temporary residence permit in Ukraine by marriage, a non-resident must fulfill a number of requirements:

    • The foreign person must stay in the country legally.
    • Until the expiration of the permit to stay in Ukraine, there must be at least 15 days.
    • If an international agreement provides for a visa, this condition must be met. 

    The validity period of a temporary residence permit for marriage is 1 calendar year. To extend the residence permit, you must submit documents for this procedure no later than 10 days before the end of the residence permit.

    After two years of marriage, a temporary residence permit gives a foreigner the opportunity to obtain a permanent residence permit.

    What documents are needed for registration of temporary residence by marriage:

    • Passport - the original, as well as a copy of its first page translated into Ukrainian and notarized.
    • Spouse's passport - a copy certified by a notary.
    • Marriage certificate - a copy (if the marriage was not concluded in Ukraine, a legalized document is provided, translated into Ukrainian and certified by a notary).
    • The document confirming the level of income of the spouse is the original.
    • Photo 3.5 x 4.5 cm, 8 pieces
    • An application from the owners of a residential building / apartment for the registration of a foreigner in it.
    • A document confirming the ownership of the owner's home.

    The package of documents is submitted at the place of future registration of the non-resident.

    Stages of obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine by a foreigner or stateless person after marriage

    1. Registration and submission of documents for obtaining a temporary residence permit.
    2. Obtaining a temporary residence permit at the State Migration Service.
    3. Registration of place of residence, stamp in the temporary residence permit.
    4. After two years of marriage - submission of documents for a permanent residence permit.
    5. Obtaining a permanent residence permit in Ukraine.
    6. Affixing a stamp on registration of the place of residence in the permanent residence card.

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