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How to open a restaurant in Ukraine. How much does it cost to open your restaurant from scratch in Kiev, what do you need?
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    For large businessmen and middle-class entrepreneurs in Ukraine, delicious food and beautiful table setting have always been considered a very priority. Since the demand for restaurant-type establishments did not stop even in difficult and troubled times, the opening of restaurants was and remains a fairly profitable business. For this reason, many entrepreneurs are thinking about opening a restaurant, but not all of them have dreams come true, because they often do not know what steps should be taken and in which direction.

    In this case, RegService can help out - a recognized leader in the provision of legal services, a true professional in the registration of enterprises of any form of ownership, including a restaurant profile. Our specialists thoroughly know how to open a restaurant from scratch with the least expenditure of effort and finance. According to the existing legislation, the opening of any type of business begins with state registration.

    Registration of business activities

    According to the current legislation in Ukraine, both legal entities and individuals registered as entrepreneurs can open a restaurant business. Registration must take place at the location of the future restaurant. If the company is small and has one owner, it is quite possible to register an individual entrepreneur. If the establishment has several owners and it is planned to attract additional investments in the future, it is better to register a limited liability company.

    Starting a new project, first of all, you should calculate its starting cost and further economic prospects. Simply put, how much does it cost to open a restaurant and how realistic it is to make a profit from this activity. Of course, this figure is made up of many components and for different regions of the country it will be its own, individual. The cost of starting a new business in a restaurant field will include:

    Registration costs.

    • Preparation of documents and drawing up a business plan;
    • Obtaining a license and other permits;
    • Purchase of premises or rent;
    • Purchase of equipment, kitchen appliances and furniture, as well as dishes, napkins, tablecloths, ashtrays, vases and other interior items that create coziness and comfort for visitors;
    • Remuneration for hired personnel;
    • Purchase of products for the initial period;
    • Payment of fees to a company that represents your company in official instances during the registration procedure.

    Depending on the cost of rent, the size of the area and the capacity of the restaurant, the number of staff and the size of their salaries, the final cost estimate of the catering establishment will be formed.

    If you find it difficult to understand what you need to open your restaurant, the RegService company will come to the rescue and will quickly and efficiently take all the necessary steps to open a restaurant for you from scratch. We can start with the selection of premises suitable for the restaurant business, ensure that all documents are obtained without which the functioning of the restaurant is impossible, and if the client wishes, we will help to develop a concept for a future enterprise and a promising business plan, help with personnel selection.

    Business plan development

    Development of a business plan is a very necessary action for opening any enterprise, thanks to which you can see the feasibility of creating a business in a particular field of activity and its profitability. Having drawn up this kind of financial map of the upcoming project, you can find out how long your investment will pay off. The business plan reflects the financial costs to be spent on opening a restaurant:

    1. Rent, renovation and redevelopment of premises, design, design services and equipment of the restaurant with everything you need;
    2. Registration services and tax rate calculation;
    3. Calculation of the payroll for employees;
    4. Calculation of the cost of dishes in the menu with an indication of the margin for each of them.

    Obtaining the conclusion of the SFS

    In order to open a restaurant in Kiev or in another place in the locality of Ukraine, you must obtain an appropriate permit from the Sanitary and Epidemic Service. For this document, you should contact the licensing service center at the location of the restaurant. From the documents you will need:

    • Statement by the owner or his authorized person;
    • A copy of the charter;
    • The document of ownership of the premises is a lease or purchase agreement;
    • SES consent to the restaurant's commissioning.

    Obtaining permits and licenses

    Asking the question of how to open a restaurant in Ukraine, one cannot ignore such an important issue as obtaining all the necessary permits and especially licenses. This includes obtaining an opinion from the fire protection authorities on the compliance of the opened food facility with the legal requirements in relation to fire safety. It is prohibited to start operating the restaurant without such a document. To obtain it, you need to register the corresponding declaration, but if the premises are rented, then it must be registered not by the tenant, but by the owner. In addition, you need permission from the local government to place a trade or catering facility.

    Registration of a license for the retail sale of alcoholic beverages

    If a restaurant is supposed to sell alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, you will need to obtain a license for this type of activity. It can be obtained from local authorities authorized to issue licenses from the Ministry of Economic Development. To do this, you need to provide:

    • Application of the established form;
    • Certificate of registration from the fiscal service;
    • A copy from the registration document to the electronic cash register. certified by the signature of the restaurant director and the seal of the institution;
    • ten calendar days later, the license will be awarded to the owner.

    Why RegService?

    The restaurant business is complex and multifaceted. In order to create the correct concept of the establishment and competently organize the pricing policy, you need to have a solid baggage of theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience. All this is abundantly endowed by the employees of the RegService company. High qualifications and undoubted professionalism of our lawyers have helped entrepreneurs more than once when they open public catering facilities. Trust our company with your problems, and you will receive everything you need for the successful and efficient operation of your new restaurant in the shortest possible time!


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