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How to open your own cafe in Ukraine?
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    One of the most popular and demanded types of private business is the opening of all kinds of small catering outlets, which always have an incessant flow of visitors. Numerous cafes, bistros, pizzerias, eateries, pies and other facilities that allow visitors to chat quietly over a cup of coffee and enjoy something tasty at the same time will not be left without work.

    A very respectable percentage of start-ups and active entrepreneurs are focusing on opening a cafe. This type of economic activity pays off very quickly and brings a good profit to the owner. Therefore, the question of how to open a cafe in Ukraine from time to time excites the minds of entrepreneurs. Undoubtedly, you can buy a ready-made promoted business and start skimming it off. But for the most part, you have to start from the very beginning. In this case, it is very useful to first know how to open a cafe from scratch.

    Registration of business activities

    The opening of any type of business traditionally begins with its state registration, and in the food sector there are still some nuances due to a large number of permits and the requirements of sanitary standards.

    In the legislation of Ukraine, there are no restrictions on the choice of the organizational and legal form for catering enterprises, therefore the most simple and effective form is the registration of an individual entrepreneur. In order to register and open a cafe, it will take very little time to fill out the registration form, which is accompanied by a passport and a certificate with a TIN number. But there is a nuance - the owner is solely responsible for the activities of his enterprise with all his property.

    Those who wish to attract investments to their business or organize a cafe together with partners, it is better to register a legal entity - a limited liability company. Such an enterprise looks more solid and causes more confidence in counterparties. Registration of an LLC in the field of public catering is a much more complicated and confusing process than opening a food outlet by an individual. And here, in order to avoid fatal mistakes, it is better to resort to the help of specialists.

    RegService Law Firm has the necessary arsenal of practical experience and theoretical knowledge of food legislation to help you open a cafe in Kiev or any other region of the country. Our best employees will help prepare constituent documents, register a charter, obtain a license and competently divide the shares of capital among the participants.

    Another important question - how much does it cost to open a cafe in Ukraine? The starting cost of opening a cafe is individual and depends on the area of the establishment, the number of staff, the cost of equipment and other factors. The final figure consists of several components:

    • The cost of renting the occupied space;
    • The cost of repair work on redevelopment and decoration of premises;
    • The costs of purchasing equipment (tiles, refrigerators, bar counters and display cases, tables, chairs and other interior items), as well as various household items (dishes, tablecloths, vases, napkins, etc.);
    • Advertising campaign costs;
    • Food costs;
    • Staff payments;
    • A fee to the firm representing your interests and doing the work for you to open a catering establishment.

    Choosing the form of taxation

    Having thought about how to open your own cafe, one cannot ignore such a burning issue as the choice of the form of taxation. Today in Ukraine there are two such forms of taxation - general and simplified. When selling goods of the excisable group - tobacco and alcohol - there is no need to talk about a simplified form. In other cases, a choice is possible. In the case of applying the general taxation system, individual entrepreneurs are subject to personal income tax, and legal entities - income tax. And they will also have to pay taxes and fees stipulated by the law.

    The advantage of such a system is that tax is not charged on the entire revenue, but only on its part, reduced by the amount of expenses in the reporting period. In addition, payers of the general tax can have any type of activity for which there are appropriate licenses, and for them the number of hired personnel and the amount of profit received are not limited. The disadvantages include the complexity of simultaneous tax and accounting. Individuals pay tax at a rate of 15 or 20%, legal entities - 18% of the tax base.

    Certain requirements are imposed on payers of the single tax. If the payer does not use hired personnel or its number is not more than 10 units and the total income does not exceed UAH 1,500 thousand. - the tax is about 20% of the minimum wage. In case of income for a calendar year up to UAH 20,000 thousand. and with an unlimited number of employees, the tax for VAT payers is 2%, for non-payers - 4%.

    Obtaining licenses

    The first thing you need to open a cafe, if it sells alcohol and tobacco products, is to obtain an appropriate license. It is issued by the Ministry of Economic Development for one year and to obtain it you need to provide the following documents:

    1. Application in the prescribed form;
    2. Help from the fiscal service about registration;
    3. A copy of the document on registration of the electronic cash register with the signature of the manager and the seal of the enterprise.

    Within ten days from the submission of documents, the license will be handed out.

    Obtaining the conclusion of the SFS

    To obtain permission from the Sanitary and Epidemic Service, a minimum of documents will be required:

    1. an application from the owner of the enterprise or an authorized body.
    2. A copy of the registered articles of association.
    3. The title deed to the premises is a lease or purchase agreement.
    4. SES consent to the commissioning of the facility

    In the event that a catering establishment was previously located in this room, and it will not be refurbished, the conclusion of a SES is not required.

    Why is it worth contacting RegService?

    If you want to get a high-quality cafe with well-prepared and promptly agreed documents, contact the RegService legal company. We have been working with such orders for a long time and occupy a leading position in the market. High qualifications of the company's employees and a well-deserved excellent reputation are a guarantee of the quality and reliability of the work performed.


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