Assistance in attracting investments

The service includes:

  • Professional consultation of a specialist;
  • Preparation of the complete package of documents;
  • Notarial support;
  • Payment of state duties, fees etc.;
  • Conducting direct works related to the provision of services.

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Assistance in attracting investments, loans, finance in Ukraine
  • The service is available all over Ukraine (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odessa, Lvov, Kamianske, Chernigov, Vinnitsa, Zhitomir, Khmelnitsky). Offer different methods of payment

    Recently, the lack of funds for the implementation of this or that business project has ceased to be perceived as a sentence - investments are being used more and more actively in business. For investors, this is an excellent opportunity not only to make a profit, but also to declare themselves and improve their own rating. The use of direct investment allows entrepreneurs not only to receive the missing funding, but also to have advanced management experience and extensive business contacts, which is extremely important for moving into foreign markets. The only question is that this process is extremely laborious and individual, we can say that there is a kind of parallel between the type of project and the profile of a potential investor, but identifying it and choosing an investor for it specifically for the implementation of your plans is a task for professionals.

    Today investments come to Ukraine from 125 countries, the top ten, which account for over 81% of the total volume of direct investments, include: Cyprus, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Great Britain, France, the USA and Sweden. Registration of joint investment institutions (JII) is taking place according to the Law of Ukraine "On Institutions of Joint Investment" No. 2299-III of 15.03.2001, the CMI is a corporate or mutual investment fund carrying out activities related to the pooling and attraction of investors' funds in order to generate income from their investment in securities, corporate rights and real estate. Their main drawback both in the world and in Ukraine is that investment funds take too high commissions. The fund provides services to investors, and the Law allows you to take from investors up to 10% of the total commission on the invested funds.

    Since 2005, venture capital funds began to develop more actively in Ukraine, when amendments to the Law of Ukraine “On Institutions of Joint investment (mutual and corporate investment funds). ”Attracting investments from venture capital funds and private investors is especially common for financing high-tech companies, as well as small firms with serious prospects and great potential. Only legal entities can be participants (investors) of such a fund, which, of course, is a very negative feature of domestic legislation.

    But changes in the legal system are not enough to attract cash flows from abroad. Negative factors of a political and economic nature are also serious obstacles in attracting foreign investments: social instability; low rates of privatization; The “shadow” nature of many enterprises; an acute crisis in the purchasing power of the population; inflation; instability of the hryvnia exchange rate; high level of taxation and foreign trade duties, etc.

    Our experts are ready to offer you an effective search for financing in the form of direct investments and venture capital, which allows the company to "get on its feet" when it does not yet have neither market positions, nor sufficient finance, nor liquid collateral assets, and, therefore, credit and exchange forms are not available, and control over the enterprise is not lost.

    What are the criteria by which we select investment projects?

    The priority industries today are information, nanotechnology, media and telecommunications, environmental developments related to waste recycling, medicine, pharmaceuticals, as well as the whole range of services, hotel and restaurant business.

    An important point in attracting investments is to have a transparent legal base in relation to property, which will be used for the implementation of an investment project, as well as to have qualified management.

    Attraction of investments consists of:

    • investment project evaluation; preparing a business plan for a potential investor;
    • carrying out a set of measures to increase the investment attractiveness of the project; support of negotiations with an investor;
    • development of a scheme for attracting investments;
    • providing advice on legal support of the transaction.

    Stages of raising finance:

    Preparatory - analysis on the subject of compliance with the requirements of investors, the study of the financial statements of the enterprise, management. Development and coordination with the client of a long-term financing concept. Determination of financing conditions for various financial institutions that are potential investors for your business. Development of a business plan for presentation to investors. Preparing a list of potential investors. Legal support in the negotiation process, analysis of contracts, legal support during the signing of contracts. Implementation of an investment project.

    Marketing of investment projects also includes the distribution of documents, publication of information on investment portals, in periodical media, presentations at international investment conferences and business forums.

    You only need to provide us with primary information to consider the intentions, and we will develop, in accordance with your wishes, a summary of the investment project. Our experts will offer you an "investor profile" - specifically for your type of business, as well as provide recommendations for its optimization and promotion.

    An individual approach allows us to find solutions based on a deep understanding of the specifics of the business and the client's problems. Confidentiality, trust and mutual respect, combined with professionalism and high responsibility - this is the formula for successful cooperation that we are ready to offer you.

    Work on a draft investment agreement requires the involvement of experienced professionals. In an investment agreement, it is important to reflect all the nuances: forms and stages of financing, key indicators of the business plan, project milestones, company management procedure. All points must be measurable and provable. You must clearly understand the terms of the transaction, and if something remains unclear, constantly consult with the lawyer leading the project. Despite the fact that investing is a process that obviously contains a certain amount of risk, already at the very beginning of the project you need to clearly understand how you will end it.

    Since most of the projects are financed through the authorized capital - the author of the idea receives money in exchange for a share in the future business - an extremely negative point is the possibility of investors' interference in the company's affairs. The more successful a business becomes, the more burdensome such intervention becomes. Therefore, already at the stage of elaborating an investment agreement, it is necessary to specifically limit the powers of the board of directors related to the budget and personnel changes - the best option seems to be the involvement of independent experts. If an investor agrees to such a condition, this is a positive moment - it means that he is not inclined to authoritarianism in management.

    Although investment activity is always carried out in conditions of uncertainty, and decisions are often made on an intuitive basis, nevertheless, economic calculation should prevail. Therefore, a system for assessing the effectiveness and risk of investment projects is extremely necessary - for the leader, investor, manager. We will help you attract investments in all projects, the analysis of which allows you to calculate their feasibility and reliability.

    The amount and procedure for payment for services for finding an investor and attracting investment is always determined individually and adjusted during the negotiation process. We are sure that with our help you will be able to turn your business ideas into reality.


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